postcard "The Posthumous Expression"


Trade card depicting rather foppish photographer, exposing film with lens cap.  circa 1900.

Postcard. 1909. Girl takes her dolly's picture.

Postcard. 1912. Gnomes/trolls at Christmas photo session.

Postcard. 1913. "I'll snap you ven I get de chance."

Postcard 1913. "I vould haf plapidations by de heardt if you vould let me take your picture."

Postcard. 1913. "I'll vear your picture next my heardt alreadty yet." Dutch boy with camera.

"Watch the Birdie" by Vaughn Bass. 1948. This oversized postcard is from 1996.

Easter postcard. Bunny taking picture of two chicks.

Victorian trade card. Young photographer showing portrait to native.

"The official photographer visits camp." Copyright 1906.

Postcard. Bird photo studio. About 1905.

Valentine card. "I'll take you for my Valentine" Mechanical. Pulls heart from pocket, eyes move skyward.

Postcard. 1907. "Look Pleasant"

Valentine card. "I shall be CANDID with you.  You're so SNAPPY. Hope you DEVELOP a liking for me." Mechanical.

Postcard. "The Amateur Photographer. You're developing very nicely."

Postcard.  1911 The Amateur Photographer. "How nicely you are developing."

Postcard. 1907 The Amateur Photographer. "Taking a group."

Postcard. 1908. "The amateur Photographer. Taking the baby." Signed Tom Browne.

Postcard. 1907. The Amateur Photographer. "Pa is photographed. A restless subject." Signed Tom Browne.

Postcard. 1908. "The amateur photographer" series. "Where Ignorance is Bliss" Signed Tom Browne.

Valentine Postcard. Circa 1905.

Postcard. Circa 1905. Girl photographing dog.

Valentine. Modern. "Be Mine"

Valentine. Circa 1940's.

Postcard. 1908. Germany. Studio series. "Now lady, quite still and I'll take you like that, But perhaps you had better take off that big hat."

Postcard. 1908. Germany. Studio series. "You like your hat on very well let it be, Look here! No look there! Better look right at me!"

Postcard. 1908. Germany. Studio series. "The picture is taken, the man in delight, kneels down at her side... she starts in affright."

Postcard. 1908. Germany. Studio series. "But gently he soothes her and gives her a chair, takes lightly her hand and bends over her hair."

Postcard. 1908. Germany. Studio series. "She laughs as he whispers quite low in her ear.  Says the maiden Speak louder. I really can't hear."

Postcard. 1908. Germany. Studio series. "No need you should hear what I say, lovely miss. I can show you far better. 'Tis this... just a kiss."

Greeting card. "f8 and Be There!" Vintage camera motif by Michael Clark. About 5 1/2 inches.

Postcard. "Quite Still Please" by Molly Brett. Bunny photographer at the beach.

Postcard. Mainzer cats. Studio family portrait.

Postcard. Dressed cats having a photo taken by cat photographer. Signed Jean Paris.

Postcard. "Photographer's Puppy." (Note that the camera is NOT an Eastman. :)

Postcard. "Cupid's Message" Cat with studio camera.

Postcard. 1906 . "I got a man. He isn't developed yet."

Postcard. French photographer. Camera front opens to show "silly goose" portrait.

Postcard. "She was only a photographer's daughter, but oh what an exposure!"

Postcard. Woman with camera. Front opens to spill out 10 scenes from Stuttgart.

Postcard. "You can bet your old tintype this is a wonderful place!"

Trade card. (Victorian) Cat with camera.

Postcard. 1927. Young man taking picture of dog and dolls. Signed Drucker.

Postcard. "The Sniper" Signed Ernest Noble.

Postcard. Two women with camera. 1900. Signed W. Braur.

Postcard. 1928. Boy taking picture of girl. Signed Beatrice Mallet.

Postcard. 1900. Dog with early camera. (no shutter)

Postcard. 1912. Boy taking picture of girl with flowers.

Postcard. Children taking picture of dog on chair.

Postcard.1900 "Chez le photographe." Monkey taking picture of 3 cats.

Postcard. 1902. Cat taking picture of 3 cats.

Postcard. 1904. Pierrot taking picture of dog.

Postcard. Girl & boy taking picture of baby.

Postcard. 1902. Cat taking picture of kittens.

Mechanical Valentine greeting card. Cat with camera takes photo and reveals heart valentine.

Postcard. 1916. "I was caught with the goods."  Twin lens reflex spy photographer.

Postcard. 1913. "Easter Greetings" Rabbit taking photo of rabbit couple on egg.  (note shutterless lens)

Postcard. "A few snaps taken at Dungannon. Although of views I've quite a few, I'd sooner have a view of you." Camera lifts from card to reveal foldout with 12 views.Postcard. "A few snaps taken at Dungannon. Although of views I've quite a few, I'd sooner have a view of you." Camera lifts from card to reveal foldout with 12 views.

Postcard. 1907. "Seen through a Camera in Dayton, Ohio." Contains foldout with 24 views.

Postcard. 1907 "Frohliche Ostern!" Easter card with bunny photo session.

Postcard. 1931. Frog taking picture of Junebug (Maybug?) family.

Postcard. Thanksgiving. "Tommy's first and Turkey's last picture."

Postcard. 1929. "Look pleasant Jane! Try and imagine something funny is taking place!"

Postcard. "Une Vue de Paris...?" Signed G. Mouton.

Postcard. 1940. "Just a picture of health and happiness but... you never can tell what will develop... later." Signed Walt Munson.

Postcard. 1939. Cat photo studio. Similar to Mainzer cats.

Postcard. Easter. "May your joys all flock together and Easter find you in fine feather." Rooster takes chicks photo. (Raphael Tuck)

Postcard. "Sol de Pouca Dura. No dia do nosso noivado Estava ele agarrado." Portugal wedding photo.

Postcard. 1914. Boy taking photo of girl and her teddy.

Postcard. "Achtung, gleich geht's los!" Young woman taking picture of trio with dog on log.  Signed F. Kasksline.

Postcard. "Glukkig Nieuwjaar! Little boy takes picture of four leaf clover in snow. Signed John Willy.

Postcard. 1924. "Birthday Greetings." Girl takes picture of dolls and golliwog.

Postcard. 1919. "A Valentine Offering" Boy with view camera, heart shaped lens.

Postcard. "Islay is a grand place for snaps. Open my camera and see what I have seen." Unfolds to show scenic views.

Postcard. Unknown date. Printed in Sweden. (Yes, you're right. That IS the camera I used as a graphic. Very perceptive of you. :-)

Postcard. About 1900. Dog photographer, dog posing. Great Art Nuveau design.

Vintage trade card. France. Circa 1900. Louis Daguerre with camera.

Vintage trade card. France. Circa 1900. "Niepce et Daguerre"

Vintage trade card. France. Circa 1900. "Le Photographie"

Postcard. Circa 1925. "Keep Smiling" Boy with camera snapping adorable little girl with doll. Signed Kit Forres.

Postcard.  1955. Chick phographer.

Vintage trade card. Circa 1900. "The Photography"

Postcard. 1928 "Un Bonjour de Bruxelles" Cute kid with huge camera.

Postcard. Circa 1925. Italy. Signed Bertiglia. Kids and camera.

Postcard. Circa 1910. Germany. Young girl with FABULOUS folding camera.

Postcard. Circa 1955. France. "Candeur naive!" Signed Ilda.

Vintage trade card. Circa 1900. France. "Tres bien comme ca! Ne bougeons plus."

Postcard. 1907. "A sharp attack" Boys tease old man with gout for a snapshot with old box camera.

Postcard. "A Glad and Happy Easter-tide." Girl with folding camera "shoots" bunnies.

Postcard. Dog family portrait.

Postcard. 1908. "See the Kodak Maiden, See the silly chap; He has lots of money... So she has a snap!"

Postcard. 1909. "A Happy Easter to You"  Young photographer takes pictures of girls and bunnies.

Postcard. Amateur Photography series. "The sitting, I think, will be a success... I'll send the proofs in a week, or less."

Postcard. Amateur Photography series. "Just smile a little if you please, You look as if you're going to sneeze."

Postcard. 1920. "Best wishes to my Valentine." Cherub with camera snaps birds in nest.

Postcard. Germany. "Easter Greetings" Rabbit photo studio. Bunny posing with egg.

Postcard. "4. Bebe Photographe. Ce sera tres reussi." Little girl shoots dog. :-)

Postcard.  Compliments of San Francisco Sunday Examiner. Buster Brown. "Who is Buster Posing?" to find out you "Heat up this Post Card with Hot Flat-iron, gas jet or match. (Don't Burn it.)" Signed R. F. Outcault.

Vintage trade card. Germany. "Le photographe au desert." Chocolat Guerin-Boutron.

Postcard. 1910 "Look Pleasant" Dog taking picture of cat. Signed  A. E. Avery

Postcard. 1913 "Thanksgiving Greetings" Woman takes pic of turkey on pumpkin.

Postcard. 1909 "Easter Greetings" Boy taking pic of easter bunny.